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‘Could it be by the sea, Your Honor?’

Scene from "The 400 Blows": Antoine Runs Away […] He moves through the Paris streets (photographed with exhilarating clarity by Henri Decaë) confidently but a little anxiously, a trace of unease betrayed by an odd scurrying half-run he breaks into from time to time, as if he he’d suddenly remembered that someone was chasing him. […]

SFIFF 50: “Look at Mr. Lee” (ii)

Back to front It had been a minute since I'd been on any parts of Muni, let alone something as nice as the F Market. I leaned back in my back-row seat and lolled like a pasha, taking pictures of passing bicyclists, the Orpheum Theatre all Conan'd up, intersections teeming with people and cars and […]

High human drama, quiet terrifying and dignified

i fucking hate the new breed of docs that seem to be made by cats who just wanna make indie flicks…i long for the quiet old documentaries…im talking that PBS 1960s shit…shooting people just being…while the soundtrack plays a conversation you dont see on the screen…when you feel privileged to see what yer seeing… instead […]