• Tai chi

    When I grow up, I want to be a basketball court. I didn’t realize this until walking just this morning out of my former neighborhood cafe, where bacon is still fried hard and crisp and kombucha is vinegary sweet, and seeing a dude on the court across from me practicing tai chi.

  • Inside

    At least here, the heater is warm, the kitchen can be rearranged, the guitar can be re-tuned and listlessly strummed as melodic or rhythmic ideas occur. The new-old hoodie and two-sizes-too-large jeans will warm me while the floor heater valiantly takes on the day’s gray glower.

  • Staycation

    The end of a long staycation week away appears to be approaching fast. Normally, that would mean an increased level of frenetic activity before a return to regular working hours. But a few things aside, I feel like I can’t bring myself to get back onto the treadmill just yet. It’ll be there when it […]

  • Arriving

    A peaceful day at home watching rain gently fall, skies slowly clear and sunset just now arriving (which I know because my phone’s blue light filter just shifted). Bills were paid, meals were eaten, beverages are now being consumed. A perfect soap bubble, all too soon going pop.

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