What I’m doing now

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Last updated Monday, September 5, 2022


I’m a staff writer at the East Bay Times, usually covering breaking news and public safety. Here’s my Authory archive


I renewed library cards in a couple of nearby cities, and am getting the hang of what to check out online (lately: John Verce, Yaa Gyasi, Randall Kenan, Andrew Sean Greer) and in person (the most recent William Gibsons and a random UK sci-fi author)


A “dry January” this year led to the following:

  • Athletic Upside-Dawn Golden Ale
  • Greenbar Distillery Earl Grey Bitters + Soda
  • Hoplark Sparkling HopTea with Chamomile and Citra Hops

Warmer weather’s got me into:

  • Bravus IPA and Blonde
  • Hairless Dog Black Ale and Citra Lager (when I can find them locally)
  • Two Roots Helles and Straight Drank
  • Barrel Brothers’ Dark Sarcasm Porter
  • Heineken 0.0, Bitburger or Guinness non-alcoholic beers
  • Greenbar Distillery UnRum & Cola
  • Hoplark Hibiscus Tea.


I’m procrastinating my Hindi in Duolingo (after dabbling the last year and a half with Portuguese, French, German and Yiddish). It feels pleasant after intermittent Romance-language exposure, and some of the lyrics to a few years-loved songs are slowly starting to make more sense. I didn’t think I was at it a lot, but the app seemed to think I was in its top 0.1 percent of worldwide learners for 2021.


A year ago, A. and I moved from where we were in Oakland, a few blocks east of Lake Merritt, about a dozen miles north to San Pablo: one room smaller, but there’s more light and a little less noise. There are still boxes that need unpacking and a couple of big projects that want doing, but it’s home.


When not buying Bandcamp releases, I’m still using Last.fm to track streaming songs. You can usually find my most recent songs on my own SoundCloud. After some curating, most of those will end up on my own Bandcamp). And I promised a friend we’d turn some songs we’ve written over the last decade or so into a streamable project: let’s see if it happens …