Not enough exercise as the last few days, but at least a half hour, whew. I didn’t comment on a couple of exercise and weight-loss social-media posts, while filling my mouth with one kind of snack to keep from stuffing it with the other kinds of snacks I wanted, and, well, here we are.

A nearly third quarter moon is visible in bright blue western sky beside white petal laden blooming branches of part of a dogwood tree around 9 a.m. Sunday, February 12, 2023 as seen from a grocery store parking lot in Walnut Creek, California

I’m no gamer, but I’m slightly gamified? Not Wordle or crosswords, per se, more Duolingo but less so Strava and Day One. Definitely not the standing-up app I tried for a bit, but more whatever I’m tracking my weight in, and using to write songs for whatever seasonal challenge is on.

A view of Wildcat Creek Thursday, February 9, 2023 from the greenway, with enough water in it to wet your jeans below your knees, and oddly low cut grassland and winter bare trees alongside it, under large morning sunny blue sky in San Pablo, California

Someone with a day off and no reason to go anywhere is likely to stay home, shower, slather some lotion on, and slip into soft clothing. I’m one of the weirdos who likes to dress up as if they had plans to go back out. Partly it’s temperament, but also: still newer-clothes novelty.

A glowing red curtain of turbulent clouds on the horizon just before sunset Friday, February 10, 2023 in San Pablo, California, several hours before expected rain showers arrive.

A good feeling to get out along the greenway this morning, see freelance litter patrol folk out with grabbers and bags, check out the low but clear and steady creek flow and the flora flossing for pollinators. We’re expecting a shower or two early Saturday, and every little bit helps.

Unknown white milky dandelion type bush sending little spores into the breeze Thursday, February 9, 2023 beside Wildcat Creek greenway in San Pablo, California

Today’s post-lunch pre-work wander up and down steps reminds me that the wheel of the year turns slow, with flower buds grinding it out petal by petal along shady sides of plaza stairwells, empty warmth of midwinter sunshine glinting off glass covered buildings, and change taking time.

Flower buds, pale green and pouty, prepare to burst into bright red petals in a stairwell bed outside an office building in the 2100 block of North California Boulevard in Walnut Creek, California

Cutting off water to our building for a few hours earlier today and for a few hours tomorrow: a minor hardship, compared to some of the things we’re seeing out of Turkey and Syria. It could just as easily be us here in the Bay or down in SoCal, and sooner than anyone could expect.

A white heavy duty pickup truck laden with plumber and trade gear parked in an apartment building's parking lot

Just past the full moon, still early in the month and really, really way past time to learn into what the month requires of me: focus, outreach, not just drawing small cups from the endless well but getting the water up and out and bearing it to others in need. Dude, can you do that?

A view of dusky western sky with faint peachy scattered cirrus clouds Monday, February 6, 2023 as seen from San Pablo Towne Center Mall in San Pablo, California.

Tried staring into a spreadsheet, but far too late in the day to town anything meaningful from it. Saw paw prints from one of the feral cats who must’ve spent an hour or two warming itself on my hood of our car after getting home last night. Got some songs in, and still scattershot.

The headstock of my Gibson Epiphone acoustic guitar with a clip on tuner clamped to its edge, as seen near the balcony glad reflecting a slice of the living room.

Once again, singing my lungs out, sipping non-alcoholic beer and trainspotting songs I know or don’t know or hey that sounds familiar. Once again, gleefully howling backup with a couple dozen of my closest friends I’ve never met before, and feeling safe and sound on a Saturday night.

A long low cinder block room divider painted black, with several karaoke songbooks atop it belonging to Dana Morrigan, as seen Saturday night, February 4th, 2023 at Stay Gold Deli in Oakland, California.

Watched the rain this morning give way to cold gray in between bouts of monthly bill paying and other kinds of processing. Later came unexpected inspiration, a little bit of planning and even some couch time, better this time around then last night, until my laptop battery ran out.

A turned off black floor lamp, visible thanks to another nearby turned on lamp, against a light gray painted wall in a room.