The heaviest of today’s wet weather came through this morning, unfortunately for a driver whose car spun out in westbound lanes near the bottom of a long hill, but fortunately for the rest of us who slowed down and gave each other space as we passed. Hopefully, others kept it up.

Through my car windshield, a  dark colored Lexus sedan faces oncoming westbound Highway 24 traffic after spinning out, sustaining minor to moderate damage and coming to rest in the roadway's slow or right hand lane near the bottom of a sloping hill east of El Nido Ranch Road just before 9:55 a.m. Saturday, December 10, 2022 in Lafayette, California during rainy weather conditions that forced other approaching drivers to move slowly and deliberately while rubber necking and looky lou-ing as they passed by. Just beyond the Lexus, a large Falck ambulance van with its back doors open and flashing lights off is barely visible and parked in the slow lane, with a paramedic ready to attend to at least one person, if not the driver.

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