The end of a long staycation week away appears to be approaching fast. Normally, that would mean an increased level of frenetic activity before a return to regular working hours. But a few things aside, I feel like I can’t bring myself to get back onto the treadmill just yet. It’ll be there when it can no longer be avoided. **shrug** At least I tore down some boxes for recycling, moved my desk and piano and instruments around in our living room, took out the trash and took another swing at repairing our trash can’s foot pedal. If one tosses in an exercise-bike stint, some social posts and replies and a bit of a Fleetwood Mac listening jag, it looks suspiciously active. But it doesn’t feel hurried or stressful, the way it might if I were coming off travel like previous away-times.

A view from a darkened halfway of a smoke filled living room, lit by sunlight coming from a balcony window with open blinds, with a desk, chair and guitar propped against a far corner

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