I stare at screens and windows all day, but my simplest daily use display never gets attention until something as simple as a battery runs down and needs replacement, requiring the purchase of a precision screwdriver with a set of adjustable heads, and some in-person help.

A male employee wearing light blue jeans, a black sweatshirt, an orange utility apron, a gold wedding band on his left hand's ring finger, a wide cardboard ring of tape around his wrist and a confident attitude kneels in front of a small flat surface covered with a fluorescent yellow plastic surface. In front of him are a set of keys, an opened package of two wristwatch sized 2032 size batteries, an unscrewed two button fob, and three tiny screws stuck gently to a strategically placed wad of tape. It's Friday afternoon, November 11, 2022 in El Cerrito, California, in aisle 12, full of hand tools like wrenches, pliers, regular screwdrivers and measuring tape.

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