This week’s extra day already had me fantasizing about how to either spend my lone day off Saturday or slip something fun into the middle of next week’s uncertainties. I’m hopeful the rain will dampen things in several ways after a few days’ run of sunlight, at least before next week’s storm.

An out of focus image of a white Samia Xpress big rig truck out of Fresno California as seen through a car windshield traveling Thursday March 30th 2023 in westbound Interstate 80 traffic lanes in Albany, California under a bright blue skies in sunny weather with soft puffy white clouds along the horizon

I like my job, even on days when I remember that for better and much more often for worse, I’ll never run up against its limits. It’ll put me in touch with people behaving badly, cruelly, indifferently, and in return, for the most part, I have to let it register, allow the negative to show proof positive.

The exterior of a lobby at the California Plaza office complex Wednesday April 5th 2023 in the 2100 block of North California Boulevard in Walnut Creek, California.

Got through a delightful library book, but now need to turn in a small stack checked out last month, knock out this month’s book-club selection, and bite down hard on some personal projects that will require sliding my eyes’ gaze over letters and numbers in order to obtain and derive meaning and so on.

A mural outside an auto repair business Wednesday, March 23, 2023 along Broadway Auto Row in Oakland, California depicts a blue green hummingbird, an African American woman who looks a little bit like Grace Jones wearing sunglasses, a bowdlerized version of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a tiny hand drawn owl.

I stuck a selfie from a year ago today, one of the first pictures from a then-new phone, next to one from this morning. Back then, I was just over halfway through the total amount I’d lose for the calendar year, and have managed to stay around that goal for nearly six months. Now, for next tricks…

Side by side selfies of an early fifties African American man (me) from April 3, 2022 and April 3, 2023 wearing a dark gray long sleeve T-shirt against a light gray wall.

A bit of flapping around against a cloudy backdrop, high over familiar lands with the beat of my wings keeping time and the certainty of a changing forecast, and then perched atop a favorite branch, looking around at what’s mine and waiting to see who might join me in before the sunlight shuffles off.

A lone bird is captured in mid flight against slowly stacking layers of thick grey onshore flow clouds against the western horizon under a pale orange sky Sunday, April 2, 2023 in San Pablo, California.The same lone bird is captured sitting atop one of several evergreen trees against the western horizon silhouetted against a pale evening sky Sunday, April 2, 2023 in San Pablo, California

A sun-drenched solo schlep along the creekside trail, marveling at my almost unnecessary jean jacket over my t-shirt, followed by some bike pedaling time, and I suppose I shouldn’t resent the way these physical activities make me feel any more than I enjoy noticing their lingering effects on my body.

A long thin high white contrail left by a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong bound for Los Angeles international airport stretches out against sunny blue skies Saturday, April 1, 2023 in San Pablo, California.

A quarter of the year done, a power washed blast of time, rain and memory drips clean off the chassis. The next weeks’ labor makes today’s stillness luxurious. Dumb videos and Duolingo drills helped distract me as I pedaled in place. Next up: overdue library books and light skepticism as discipline.

Dark clouds closer by crowd the lower half of a picture, while lighter and whiter stretches of cloud further away and higher up hang against blue sky shortly before sunset Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in San Pablo, California.

I was impatient on the way home from the broom closet. No, mapping app, I didn’t feel like the avenue the whole way back, or like crawling home on the interstate for an hour. Oh, hello, long stretch for a bit at regular traffic speed, except for you building construction lane cone-offs. Gangway, y’all.

A building on Stanford at San Pablo Avenue in Oakland under sunny skies Thursday, March 30, 2023 in Oakland, California.

I spent a little time shivering outside in the courtyard outside the rented broom closet where a couple of coworkers go, but none of my time outside today left me as cold and frigid and shiny and inert as this vehicle I later came across in a Whole Foods Market parking lot. May I never see it again.

A metallic gold plated Ford Mustang sitting in a parking lot outside a Whole Foods Market grocery store Wednesday, March 29, 2023 in Walnut Creek, California.

Didn’t even have to walk between the raindrops to check out the greenway and the drugstore. Wildcat Creek was running shallow and muddy, but strong. The rain I’m watching start from our living room will only add to it overnight. Hopefully, incoming winds will take it easy on our trees and buildings.

Bright orange petaled California poppies spring up out of brilliant green grasses like tiny dancing flames Tuesday, March 28, 2023 alongside the Wildcat Creek greenway in San Pablo, California.