• Contrast

    Inside a roadside restaurant outside of Rio Nido but not quite to Guerneville, there is a piano. On it is a sign that says: “Not a toy. Only play if you know how. Thank you.” That’s a contrast from so many rooms one walks into where musical instruments wait for hands of any or no […]

  • Workout

    Today was less of a workout and more of a wash, trying to make up for hoped-for beachery with a couple of laps around a local footbridge before heading over to a state park for quiet time tramping along redwood heavy trails and imagining how the creekbed alongside handled trains earlier this year.

  • Embrace

    Some folks nearby are doing their best to embrace a good time, and I can hear them through a hotel wall, putting Wednesday night through its paces, seesawing from Tina Turner to what’s definitely the B-52s, Eminem and Lil’ Troy. Me, I’ll stick to a shower, snacks and some eventual sleep.

  • Beverage

    Let’s beat the crowd to the spot, where they let us in a few minutes early and we see fries in the menu, and keep passing up the stuff on the left side of the menu for our version of a beverage, and tune out the siren and tune in to the mix on the […]

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