• Commitment

    For the third straight night, it’s mall restaurant takeaway: a couple of orders of chicken boti kabob for me, and a Tandoori chicken leg and some chicken kabobs for A., which she finds spicier than ones she sometimes gets at one of her lunch spots. Commitment can be tasty. #mbnov

  • Ritual

    We spent Black Friday as one does: questioning colonialism, debating war and disease and nation-state folly and thinking about grievance as fuel for grudges instead of justice. After a possible second viewing, there’ll be further fodder to interrogate social ritual roles. #mbnov

  • Retain

    Working on a holiday meant staying in until we finally got too hungry. All the local eateries were closed, except the Pakistani-Indian restaurant at the mall a few blocks away. On my way there, closed doors at our nearby strip mall’s venues managed to retain their charm. #mbnov

  • Update

    I’m behind on time but still in time, more than ready to take a few days off work but still signing up for an extra shift when the opportunity presents. I’m a few days behind on journaling too. Most importantly, I’m thinking hard about how to update my tools and platforms. #mbnov

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