• Safety

    A. and I spent time today at a bookstore. Walking past a front door sign urging but not requiring use of facial coverings, we headed to the cafe and got beverages. I didn’t count masks on others, but could’ve done so on a hand. We brought ours for our and others’ safety. #mbnov

  • Fish

    The maps show our place sits between two creeks. There’s at least one good solid storm in the forecast. With a few days off to go, maybe it’s time to hit a point or beach for some nature while it’s nice out, since there won’t be any fish anywhere else we regularly visit. #mbnov

  • Trend

    A year ago, I weighed more than I do now. First, I went dry in January. A month later, a friend gifted me an exercise bike. After a few months of neighborhood long walks, I got on and started pedaling. Since then, logging helps, but a number trend isn’t what matters to me. #mbnov

  • Motivation

    I had my motivation handed to me this evening as soon as I got a microphone on my hand. A lovely song was all I needed to hear. Sadly, it was first sung by someone I hadn’t thought about in years, and who I’d only learned a day or so ago had passed away quite […]

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