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Symphony for the Bloggers

SFIFF 50: “Look at Mr. Lee” (ii)

Back to front It had been a minute since I'd been on any parts of Muni, let alone something as nice as the F Market. I leaned back in my back-row seat and lolled like a pasha, taking pictures of passing bicyclists, the Orpheum Theatre all Conan'd up, intersections teeming with people and cars and […]

SFIFF 50: “Look at Mr. Lee” (i)

Until last night, I'd never been in a room with Spike Lee. The list of people I have to thank for making that happen will only get shorter if I start mentioning names now. First would be Kevin Smokler, who took a chance on me and heads-upped me last year when the San Francisco International […]

No There There #5: Super Happy Vlog House

No There There #5

James Kim

Mat got me thinking about why I care. I don't know James Kim. I guess it is possible I could have known him at some point. The outcome is a small obscenity. His wife should still have her husband; his daughters should still have their father; his co-workers should still be laboring beside their colleague. […]

13 seconds out of my Saturday night


It’s cheese sandwiches all the way down

My weekends have been making me happy but they don't make good copy. It's Sunday evening. I'm sitting at Prism Cafe. Seven other laptops — various Macs and a rogue Dell — are open and aglow. Something wickedly, mournfully trumpety, chat and polyrhythmic is playing overhead. There may or may not be a glass of […]