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Don’t run away and let me down

Weird feeling, a little odd and numb and empty to hear about the latest in a recent run of musicians moving on. I remember looking up a long list of bands who released albums in 1982 and thinking to include “Special Beat Service.” I ought to dust it off this week. Part of it is […]

All event, no horizon

Up early and out to drop A. off, and then off to wait out the tail end of the morning’s inbound rush-hour traffic. I wandered through a big-box store under renovation. I hadn’t set foot in the place in months, but seeing the tile stripped away to rudely reveal cement made it feel even more […]

Pretending like I have a purpose

I wasn’t expecting this to be one of the songs I liked on Lucy Rose’s new album “No Words Left.” I can’t read the title, after all, without thinking of the song on Frank Ocean’s “Blond(e)” album, or one of the verses in St. Vincent’s “New York.” If you’re going for it, then you’d better […]