• Easy

    Took it easy after topping off and beating it home right before things were briefly void of course. After lunch, a nap, exercise, sweeping up and evidence of a distant email came a long talk with the maternal unit figuring out fritzy gadgets and a short talk with A. about a city public works visit.

  • Swallowed

    Slightly wider disclosure today, with scattered commentary and last-minute paperwork noticed and sent. Earlier, a surprising friend-of-a-friend thing hit me in Oakland before digging into a book that isn’t the one I’m supposed to have finished by Saturday morning. There’s Friday, swallowed whole.

  • Lift

    I was in too good a mood to feel a type of way about a security guard briefly following me around the office complex as I got steps in at midday, or about a grocery store clerk who asked me to lift my mask to see if I was of age to buy a nonalcoholic […]

  • Flowers

    Same-day delivery is a good thing, leading to glamour shots of beautiful flowers, part of a delightful interruption to a two-hour conversation about online-only graduate degrees, bad behavior during work meetings, hair-care regimens, dieting, real estate, stress management, dumplings and breaking news.

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