• Presence

    So satisfying to have a couple of songs occur to you to tinker at karaoke and try them on, and then belt them out when you get a chance to drop your jaw and let fly. The point of doing is the joy of being in the moment with the music: neither fidelity, nor reproduction, […]

  • Luminaries

    Little lights, glowing luminaries hanging in the western sky when I know they’re going to be out there, and all I have to do is lean my head out the window, and they help take my mind off today’s sad story that my coworkers reported and I helped out with about a tragic episode for […]

  • Thoughtful

    Ran around, but slowly, and re-upped on several things I enjoy very much, like certain makes and models of on-sale chocolate, searching and random and surprisingly thoughtful conversation with a stranger, new clothes, musical practice and a tentative karaoke plan with a buddy, exercise and hunches.

  • Remnants

    After less sleep than I would’ve liked, a cold start meant hauling broken bed frame remnants down to dumpsters set up by the city public works department, but also a delightful pupusa run by a local grocery store before book club. Then tonight’s extra work shift started baggy, then turned too tight.

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