Kwanzaa ’06: Kujichagulia

Self-determination is more than just a notion, according to Sassy Redbone:

Take a moment today to think on the labels that have been flung at
you. Are you reinforcing them? Are you doing it because you want to or
are you scared to move outside of the box??? It is uncomfortable and it
is scary to move forward.

If you are reading this please take a moment to determine yourself…

Over at Something Good, o-my-goddess weighs in:

Because so much of Kwanzaa involves
cooperation and unity, self determination should be looked at as making
decisions that are not only good for ourselves but good for our family
and the greater community. Doesn’t this sound a lot like what we try to
do here at Something Good when we focus on ways that we can minimize
our waste and use less resources?

suggestion is to take a few minutes to think about how you can make
sure that your own behavior reflects your care and respect for the
things and people around you. Perhaps you could use this opportunity to
consider quitting smoking, as it has a harmful effect on both one’s own
body and the physical and emotional well-being of family and
friends. Maybe you want to experiment with switching from chemical to
natural cleaners in order to make a healthier home for your children
and a less polluted planet for all of us. By determining your own
behavior, you can have a significant impact on those who rely upon
you. What a wonderful way to do Something Good.

Blogging's a useful, balanced part of my own self-determination, how I get beyond things you (may think you) know about me just by looking at me toward things neither you nor I know (until we find out together).