MacBook RIP

That's me at the Apple Store in Walnut Creek yesterday afternoon, right before Antoine at the Genius Bar turned to me and broke down the meaning of that clicking noise my five-week-old Gori's Seagate Momentus 60-gig hard drive started making earlier in the day.

It came with a year warranty. I'd popped for AppleCare as well. A replacement's ordered. But a metric fuckload of last weekend's pictures are gone. That is, unless I care to spend at least $500 for five-to-seven-days' turnaround at DriveSavers.

And a 500-gigabyte Firewire drive sits on my desk at home, nigh well useless, for as often as I'd been in the habit of backing up my PowerBooks' contents, who, I ask, expects failure five weeks into an uncrated item's life?