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On Vox: ‘To give a feeling of connection and relevance’

[…] “Everything in life is about personal relationships – including the way one feels about music. I want to create as many opportunities for people to have that ‘aha’ moment – give people the chance to really connect with the… » Read more on Vox

On Vox: ‘Walk through the house. Take nothing. Eat nothing.’

» Read more on Vox

On Vox: ‘Could it be by the sea, Your Honor?’

[…] He moves through the Paris streets (photographed with exhilarating clarity by Henri Decaë) confidently but a little anxiously, a trace of unease betrayed by an odd scurrying half-run he breaks into from time to time, as if he he’d suddenly remembered that someone was chasing him. It’s the gait he uses in the movie’s […]

On Vox: Route 66: Panels I’d hit at 2008 SXSWi

I read descriptions for all 736 proposed panels at next year’s South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Here are at least six dozen and half a dozen more that deserve either five-star or four-star ratings. That means any one would either… » Read more on Vox