Everyday carrion

Some days I worry. Yes, I was looking at some fancy minimal wallet this morning, but only because it caught A.’s eye. (And sure, RFID shielding looks like a nice-to-have feature, but that might be me overreacting to this month’s book-club choice.) I’ve got an ordinary, perfectly serviceable, anonymous, slightly larger than useful wallet. I’ve a wristwatch for the half-dozen times a day I’m not touching my phone. Maybe this is the weekend I hunt down an actually comfortable replacement wristband for it. Hey, it could happen. I’ve got a generic multi blade pocket knife for everything my wit can’t cut, but I don’t put it through its paces for anything more strenuous than a package. It’s basically a glorified beer-bottle opener. As for cameras, well, nobody’s handing out Leicas on the street, so that itch only comes up once or twice a month if someone like Om or Sean mentions it in a newsletter. Then it’s off to comb listlessly through the used listings of a shop one town over, or to hunt make-and-model reviews. Groooaaaannnn!

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