Tacking into the winds

Written by George on 2011-08-29 Categories: Posts

Luke Stangel of Tackable shows off TapInBayArea iPad app

In the wake of last week’s announcements about the coming changes at the newspaper, all sorts of interesting people are appearing. The first one I saw this week was Luke Stangel.

How news stories appear in TapInBayArea app TapInBayArea iPad app home page

Now, like many folks at the paper, I don’t own an iPad. But I do use the Web, play with a smartphone and consider myself open to looking in on and making content for other people to use online. So when Luke came up to Walnut Creek and showed off the app that his company Tackable has created for the Bay Area News Group, I had to hear more.

Offering a bounty on pictures in Alameda

I asked a lot of questions. Luke gave me the answers he could give at that point. I have a feeling I’m not done here.

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