How to dominate a sub

Written by George on 2011-08-28 Categories: Posts

The Breakroom cafe

Speaking of places I like to go eat? Ankita and I have had brunch here several times, and she still likes to go by during the day when she can for hot chocolate. I envy her the times she’d stop in and someone like DJ fflood would be spinning.

The Breakroom sign PETA approved veggie meatball sub

So it’s Sunday and I wind up running around downtown and my corner of Lake Merritt with laundry and returning a library book and running into a fellow choir member. It’s a wonder I even had time to eat!

I’ve been eating the meatball sub for several years here, but I don’t think I’d ever looked up at the wall and noticed this award. Come here, buy one and give it an order and you’ll see just what can happen.

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