Bending and blending

Written by George on 2011-08-27 Categories: Posts

Scream Sorbet chandelier

After brunch at one of those places I can never stop going to (Lynne and Lu’s Escapade Cafe on Grand Avenue — know how I know it’s one of those places? I used to be its Foursquare mayor, and my former boss took someone he was interviewing there, looked it up and saw it and told me, and I hadn’t set foot in the place in weeks), I went over to Scream Sorbet with the homie Amy Gahran.

Scream Sorbet

I’m glad places like this exist. Sure, people would get along just fine without a place where flavors like vanilla and almond, orange and rooibos, lavender and lemon bend and blend together.

Scream Sorbet

But on a day when you feel like stepping outside of typical culinary profiling, I’d miss not seeing the lime-mint combo (which I didn’t see, and would’ve gladly tried) in a scoop — or the plain-but-fancy chocolate I went with, or even Amy’s melon.

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