I do deny them my essence

"Dr. Strangelove" at Paramount Theater

Outside in:

Going to see Dr. Strangelove at the Paramount tomorrow night. Tempted to sneak in a camcorder and bootleg it, just to see the reaction.


Rod VonFleischhammer

Oh. My. God. Dr. Strangelove is playing in downtown Oakland. MUST. FIND. FRIEND WITH CAR!



Happy weekend everybody! I’m hitting Dr. Strangelove at the Paramount tonight – see you there?



Dr. Strangelove (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) at The Paramount! #nofightinginthewarroom #preciousbodilyfluids


Tim Snelling

Great crowd for Dr. strangelove tonight. Including organist playing “we’ll meet again” (@ Paramount Theatre Oakland) http://t.co/m3JXGfp


Amy Gahran

About to see one of my favorite movies: Dr Strangelove, at the Paramount. I think I know 1/4 of the people here! Hello pals! #mineshaftgap


Anca Mosoiu

Best overheard at Dr. Strangelove screening in Oakland: 30 years later and it’s still true!


Jon Korn

Just saw Dr. Strangelove at The Paramount in #Oakland. Honestly need some time to take it all in acting-wise. #PeterMotherEffingSellers


emasita c

Inside out:

I have to wonder what it says about the city, that we can have events like this one along a particular continuum of taste and vision and affinity, and that these events tend to occur in certain neighborhoods at certain times. Even if the crowd looks and sounds diverse, it doesn’t always feel that way.

I miss the Parkway Theater. I want a new Parkway. I want movies like this all over Oakland, not just on Friday, and crowds clamoring like this, not just on Broadway, and I want it all by tomorrow.

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