Been caught reading (i)

Bob Richter's San Antonio Express-News column "Austin death shows how the well of information can be poisoned"

Gal Beckerman's Columbia Journalism Review article "The obscured continent: It's hard to find Africa in Vanity Fair's new 'Africa issue'"

Asra Q. Nomani's Washington Post op-ed "A Mighty Shame" (with the Post's Outlook/Live Online chat with Nomani "Not the Daniel Pearl I Knew") and James P. Pinkerton's Newsday column "Jolie's glow causes a total eclipse of the 'Heart'"

The National Institute of Health's "A Brief Skill-Building Program Can Reduce STD or HIV Risk among Inner-City African American Women"

Gerhard Metschies' Foreign Policy infographic on, among other subjects, the cost of filling a 13.2-gallon Honda Civic's gas tank "Prime Numbers: Pain at the Pump"

Brad Wheeler's The Globe and Mail article "Robin Thicke Could Be First Non-Black to Win B.E.T. Award" (I read a key quote differently than Wheeler, so I sent the paper a letter to the editor.)

Chris Peck's Memphis Commercial Appeal column "Political Math in Black and White" and Harold Meyerson's Los Angeles Times column "The delicate balance of black and brown"

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