Monthly Archives: June 2007

Line outside Walnut Creek Apple Store

I walked down Olympic Boulevard and hung a left onto South Main Street. Line outside Walnut Creek Apple Store

Been caught reading (i)

Bob Richter's San Antonio Express-News column "Austin death shows how the well of information can be poisoned" Gal Beckerman's Columbia Journalism Review article "The obscured continent: It's hard to find Africa in Vanity Fair's new 'Africa issue'" Asra Q. Nomani's Washington Post op-ed "A Mighty Shame" (with the Post's Outlook/Live Online chat with Nomani "Not […]

You should know the score by now

My New York age is 28 This New York age puts you-generally speaking-into the young category. That's what you were hoping for, right? Run and tell your friends. Then get drunk (as usual). Then sleep it off. Then pop an Adderall. Then come back and consider experimenting with a more mature type of New York […]