I’d try to tell you that the things we had were right

Roger Sanchez – Another chance

[…] DJ Times: In 2001, when you had a hit with “Another
Chance,” it was a sample-oriented track using an old Toto song.
What do you think about that approach now?
Sanchez: I think that as long as it's done with
respect and done creatively, [it's OK]. What's interesting is that,
on that song especially, I really loved the vocal hook, what it
said, and the melody behind it. But instead of taking that melody,
I took the vocal hook and I re-did a lot around it and played a
lot of the instruments. I changed it up quite a bit. When you sample,
you've got to do it creatively, otherwise it's just a loop and it
doesn't say very much. […]

I missed the song the first time 'round, but heard it on the radio (official/unofficial) the other morning while driving into work. Today I remembered it and found Emilly Tan's DJ Times article "The S-Man"

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