Monthly Archives: March 2007

QotD: Women Making History

March is National Women's History Month.  What women are making history today? All of them, actually. Missed the memo, did you?

They say that everything looks prettier in storefront glass

Song for Siobhan (Fresh Cherries from Yakima cover) George Kelly Douglas Martin wrote it the other day. I liked the lyrics. I e-mailed him to ask what the chords were. I don't think I got them quite right. Update: This is a little closer to what it should sound like. Song for Siobhan (Louderbass Mix) […]

No There There #3: Photowalking 8, Half Moon Bay

                                                             Click To Play                                          Going photowalking in Half Moon Bay on a foggy Sunday morning with Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk and several other Bay Area bloggers.