QotD: First Celebrity Crush

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Submitted by Glory.

Buddy Epsen (Jed Clampet) introduces young RAQUEL WELCH
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Getting Frisked!
Raquel Welch is Hannie Caulder
Raquel Welch-Fathom(Showing Off Her Bikini) 1967
Raquel Welch - This Girl's Back In Town
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Wearing A  Bikini On A "Pleasure Boat"
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Bikini On Stairs
Raquel Welch-Fathom(Riding In Boat) Bikini!  1967
Raquel Welch-"100 Rifles" Jim Brown
Muppet show - Woman

I remember being 4 or 5 years old. I was reading something, maybe a newspaper or a magazine, and thinking she was pretty.

Vox Hunt: Overdubbed

Audio: If you could sing like anyone, living or dead, who would you choose to sound like?  Share a song of theirs.
Submitted by aa.

I like my singing voice, but I think of it as a fat crayon and myself as a bit of a toddler.  One day I aspire to pencildom, and perhaps simple line drawings. Not everyone can be Leonardo da Vinci. That's why I'm glad Wacom tablets GarageBand or Pro Tools and autotune came along. (Not everyone should use them on every  Top 40 hit, mind you, but I can appreciate technology without advocating its indiscriminate use.)

When I was a kid? Lou Rawls, Johnnie Wilder Jr. or Bobby Womack. When I was a teenager? Prince, George Michael, Lionel Richie or Sade. When I was twentysomething? Philippe Wynne, N'Dea Davenport or Maxwell. Now? I don't know, someone who could just plant their feet in front of you and saloon-croon or pub-belt it out.

QotD: Happy President’s Day!

Ever run for office?  (School, club, organization, politics, etc.)  Did you get elected?

Our first day of journalism class in high school, I walked out to visit the restroom. When I came back, my classmates had named me editor-in-chief.

Pigmentation itself, ethnicity itself, is not a factor that is going to sway people

[…] "In my district, people are going with Hillary," said state Sen. Robert
Ford, a Democrat from Charleston. "I am sure there will be some young
blacks who will be behind Obama, but elderly blacks are going with
Hillary because they love Bill and they love Hillary for standing
behind him for eight years." […]

[…] "People down here don't know him, and South Carolinians in many ways
are a difficult lot," said Cole Blease Graham, a political scientist at
the University of South Carolina. "They like to see their politicians
up close in the flesh, shake their hand and look them in the eye. "Blacks will determine the winner in South Carolina, and if it came
down to it right now, it would be Clinton because of the lack of
exposure Obama has here," said Graham. "If Obama can win some
attraction from whites and overwhelming support from black voters, he
can beat Clinton." […]

[…] "South Carolina is one of the most racially polarized places in the
country, and black people in South Carolina have never elected a black
candidate statewide," said David Bositis, senior political analyst for
the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington.
"There are places in the South where people don't think anybody black
can be elected to anything. So when they think about the presidential
election, they don't think of Obama as someone with very good

Quotes from Dahleen Glanton's Chicago Tribune article "Obama's Southern support not a cinch"

[…] "He has to campaign. Like any other candidate, he will have to prove
a viability, prove that he’s going to articulate the issues and do so
in a way that proves that he is an authentic Democrat and not a closet
Republican." […]

Rev. Joe Darby,
pastor of Morris Brown AME Church in Charleston, one of the largest
black churches in the state, quoted in Aaron Gould Sheinin's The State article "Obama campaigning in S.C. today"

[…] "There are some things you can't run away from. He's going to have
to raise between $US50 million ($64 million) and $US100 million,
and that money's not coming from black people. So black people are
going to have to engage with that reality. He gives the impression
that he dances on both sides, but when he gets into the goldfish
bowl of an election campaign, he will be forced to define himself
more concretely." […]

Walters, the director of the African American Leadership Institute
and an expert on black presidential politics, in Gary Younge's Guardian UK (via Sydney Morning Herald) column "The real deal"

"If you're a black man in America today, you're treated
like a black man, every day. […] Toni Morrison called Bill
Clinton our first black president. He was very
comfortable around black people, played the saxophone, went to black
churches. I don't see where Hillary inherits that. She's a whole
different deal."

"If blackness is not consecrated by slavery and
childhood poverty, you're not black enough? That idea is nonsense. Nothing in Obama's
background justifies seeing him as a white guy's black guy. He has
addressed black concerns as a community organizer in Chicago and a
state senator in Springfield. […] Bill went out of his way to make black appointments, court black
voters, and she was at his side when he did it. And
blacks are loyal to people who they think have produced for them."

Quotes from Georgetown law professor Patricia King and her husband, civil rights activist Roger Wilkins, in Ken Bode's Indianapolis Star op-ed "Who will get blacks' votes?"

High human drama, quiet terrifying and dignified

i fucking hate the new breed of docs that seem to be made by cats who
just wanna make indie flicks…i long for the quiet old documentaries…im
talking that PBS 1960s shit…shooting people just being…while the
soundtrack plays a conversation you dont see on the screen…when you
feel privileged to see what yer seeing… instead of smug or superior
like the reality crap and many docs these days want you to feel cooler
than whoever is unlucky enough to be onscreen…

Damn, sure wish I'd found Stew's blog before now.

Timelapse Love

Timelapse Love
George Kelly

(4 bars intro)

Through binoculars or a telescope, you are far away but you seem so close. I am staring up into the nighttime sky at your face looking down from on high. I'm always hitting rewind on our timelapse love, captured on camera with the whole wide world watching on a monitor. I'm always hitting rewind!

I cannot recall when I first zoomed in on your comet eyes or unearthly skin. I am so suffused with astonishment. You appear to me to be heaven-sent. I'm always hitting rewind on our timelapse love, captured on camera with the whole wide world watching on a monitor. I'm always hitting rewind!

(16 bars)

I'm always hitting rewind on a crazy dream only the other night: we were bathing together under the cool moonlight, and the universe accelerated at a blissful clip until I came awake to discover that you'd given me the slip. I'm always hitting rewind on our timelapse love, captured on camera with the whole wide world watching on a monitor. I'm always hitting rewind!

(16 bars reprise)