Five for fact-ing

I was tagged by me3dia and mellemusic:

"Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 5 facts about yourself. Then choose 5 people you want to tag and list their names. Then leave a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged."

"Facts," eh? Right, then, five each for you both, so choose from among the following:

  • I was a National Merit Scholar semifinalist.
  • I lost my virginity two weeks before I turned 21.
  • I've shaken Archbishop Desmond Tutu's hand.
  • I've never wanted to be younger than my given age.
  • I was once the "hit" in a Bay Bridge hit-and-run. (The car radio was tuned to KFOG: Del Amitri in concert, covering Motorhead's "Ace of Spades.")
  • I've played the Tinman in two college productions of "The Wiz."
  • I had Osgood-Schlatter's as a teenager.
  • I've never broken a bone.
  • I was a Boy Scout (but pretty much quit after making Second Class).
  • I'm a junior.

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6 Replies to “Five for fact-ing”

  1. [this is good] A Teeeeeeny, A Teeeeeeny, A Teeeeeeny.  Would love to have seen you as the Tin Man.

  2. [this is good] the tin man was my favorite character in the movie and the book. what pathos! also, the myth of gradually becoming tin – very poignant.

    dang, no one ever tagged me for this meme and i feel compelled to wait till someone does!

  3. [this is good] I would love to hear you sing “What..What would I do-o-o if I could Feel?”  What a mellow cool song…I used to want to be one of those sunflowers who sang the background…The boys and I of course LOVE to watch it and I love being able to share that part of our history with them…classic Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson to boot!

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