QotD: Send For Help! Or Not…

You're trapped in a (temporarily) out of order elevator – who would you like to be trapped with? 
Submitted by tbtissimus.


  1. judith
    Posted 2007-01-19 at 15:09 | Permalink

    [this is good] yay! best answer! i loved that book so much.

  2. Melissa
    Posted 2007-01-19 at 23:05 | Permalink

    Hi George!

    I just tagged you. Eek. Sorry I know… but I’d like to know. So please share. 🙂

  3. Melissa
    Posted 2007-01-19 at 23:06 | Permalink

    I’d like to know MORE of you is what I meant to say. My fingers can’t keep up with my brain this evening.

  4. Baslow
    Posted 2007-01-20 at 06:16 | Permalink

    [this is good] Hah! I blush to confess that this book has languished unread on my shelf for too long while I have favored non-fiction.  I’ll be finishing my current book   — Doing Our Own Thing, by John McWhorter — this weekend.  Your post has done the trick;
    The Intuitionist will be next.

  5. tuckergurl
    Posted 2007-01-20 at 07:28 | Permalink

    clever response.  i love this book!

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