QotD: Good On A Cold Day

What food or drink do you love when it's cold out?  (Recipes and recommendations, please!)

One cup of hot sake.One sake, two sake

Drink? Hot sake. Tokyo Lobby serves it in a tall white pitcher that looks like a futuristic milk bottle. Diners then pour it into tiny white cups. Prism Cafe poured it into these clear plastic tumblers. Either way, I remember it taking the edge off the late-winter chill. I don't remember trying the sake at Yoshi's yet. Bringing a bottle back from the market, sitting it in a pot and warming it on the stove? Eh, I'd rather pour into a glass and zap it in the microwave. (Yes, that's "Mr." philistine to you.)

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  1. It’s quite cold here this morning.  I could use something to warm my bones.

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