Vox Hunt: I Know This Great Coffee Place

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Show us your favorite place to get a cup of coffee.
Submitted by danatmedog.

Pacific Bay Coffee roasterSweet elixir of life, how I miss you so

When I drank coffee regularly, I usually sat up at home with the coffeepot. (The exception was the fresh hot cup that went well with a burrito at Berkeley Bowl's cafe-gallery.) When I lived in Walnut Creek, I never got over to Pacific Bay as often as I should've. I mean, really: free Wi-Fi, an in-shop roaster and excellent service?

At this summer's CampCamp, I started off the day with several cups. I blame the rich, dark, thrilling smell hanging around. (Um, I failed to bring along the tea I like to drink, and I'm now more of a energy-drink guy in the mornings.)

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