QotD: Strike Up The Band

Do you play any musical instruments?

Piano: I had lessons as a kid. They didn't take, not really. I barely remember the basics of sight-reading sheet music. I guess popular music saved me. As soon as I wanted to play the things I was hearing on the radio, it made me start tinkering with the upright in the basement in my mom's house.

Guitar: All those excellent women singer-songwriters who came along in 1988 made me realize I wanted a guitar. I think my first was a cheap black-and-white Fender knockoff with a whammy-bar. Then came a beat-up nylon-string I yanked out of some quiet school music-supply closet. I'm pretty sure my mom sent me my Gibson Epiphone acoustic when I was in Atlanta in the fall of 1989.

Harmonica: The cops might get me for possession (a Hohner Chrometta 8 in the key of C) but not for dealing.

I couldn't remember how to play the baritone or the trumpet, but it'd be fun to try at some point. I don't know when I'd wind up with my lips wrapped around one.

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  1. Harmonica, huh?  Don’t let me find out that you sound like Lee Oskar.

  2. Nice to have (musical) instruments laying around the room, eh?

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