Monthly Archives: September 2006

They did

Jason's post reminded me that I had video of Nancy and Cynthia's wedding lying around.

QOTD: My Musical Horoscope

Interpretations welcome Clearly I should have only listed ten songs. Clearly I did this late in the day and I was tired and distracted. Clearly, sonic astrologers taking on this assignment get a single-song mulligan.

MacBook health update

So, it's Tuesday morning and Gori Do is on its way to Austin, Texas, or wherever it is Apple is sending wayward portables with heat-sink issues. I tried to post a video of myself just before I handed it in at the Apple Store in Walnut Creek yesterday afternoon, but I may have uploaded the […]

Make your strength the issue

"The agenda-setting effect is what we are talking about. The ability of a candidate not to tell people how to feel about an issue, but which issue they should focus on — that is the struggle of most modern campaign managers. Campaigns have been much more successful at shifting people's attentions to different issues rather […]

QotD: Let’s Go There

What's your favorite vacation destination? I've been to five cities more than once in the last six or seven years. thinks hard Yup. Austin (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006), Los Angeles (2004, 2005), New York (2001, 2005), Seattle (2000, 2002, 2006) and Vancouver (2005, 2006). One-offs have been Santa Fe (2004), Las Vegas (2005), New Orleans […]

QotD: Talk To Me

What's your favorite foreign accent? Anyone who speaks English and wasn't born in England.

Vox Hunt: Every Single Day

Show us something you use every day. It's the original personal digital assistant. My right hand