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QotD: Reality TV Star

If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would you pick and why?

MTV's "The Real World: Oakland." Dibs on the one-dimensional angry-black-guy character!

Previously, blacks on many reality shows have been pegged as angry,
uncooperative, lazy or downright mean, according to Mark Anthony Neal,
an associate professor of popular black culture at Duke University.
always tension surrounding black characters on reality shows,” said
Neal. “People have had a hand in framing the characters from the people
that do the casting to the people who do the editing.”
worries that steering the tension towards black reality show
participants “helps play into the racial anxiety in the larger society.”

From BlackAmericaWeb's "'Amazing Race' couple keeps it real" Mo' context, mo' context, mo' context? Too Much Free Time's "The Obligatory Racism Episode" and Reality TV World's "The Angry Black Man"

In Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, Chuck Klosterman details his "Real World Theory." Among other things, he argues that after a few seasons of MTV's groundbreaking reality program, the housemates looked increasingly alike: "Technically, these people were completely different each year, but they were exactly the same. […] Klosterman makes a second point about The Real World, writing, "Everyone I know is one of the seven defined strangers." […] With the show already at the caricature stage, the personification period cannot be very far behind. However, because comparatively so few people watched, and were subsequently influenced, by The Real World, Klosterman's conclusion came off an interesting observation rather than a genuine problem. […]

From Noah Davis' "American Idol" on PopMatters


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