Vox Hunt: Under Construction

Take a picture of something under construction.

You know, just by coincidence, I was hungry last night. I wandered down to the Albertson's in our neighborhood and picked up a bottle of wine (Fetzer riesling, though the gewurtztraminer was sorely tempting — I have to pick up a bottle and spill a few drops across my tongue sometime before month's end).

[…] Neither grape is popular in the U.S. market. Only 1.7 percent of the
varietal wine sold in the last year in the United States was Riesling,
according to ACNielsen. And Gewurztraminer (ga-VERTZ-tra-meen-er) sales are a
fraction of Riesling's.

That's always good news for bargain buyers, because trendy wines cost
more. You get a lot of flavor for your buck with Gewurztraminer and Riesling.


Then I walked next door to Merritt Bakery, went in and ordered a four-piece combo. If you smile and ask real nice, you can substitute the potato salad for some soup, so that was what I did. I ordered some chicken gumbo (since the real gumbo is just too shellfishy for me to handle). Then I paid, waited a few minutes and got my order.

I walked outside and realized why there was no one parked outside the restaurant. I think they wanted to resurface the blacktop, and it's probably a good idea considering the work went into rebuilding after the fire back at the end of January.

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Right now both of those sound really good. Those were the wines that I used as an introduction to wine. My roomate in college called them wine with training wheels cause they’re so easy to drink.

You knw the Fetzer gewurtztraminer is one B’s absolute favorite wine. I’m glad it’s not terribly popular because I can frequently find it for $6.99 a bottle.

Sadly, you’re all missing out on some of the yummiest Gewurtz and Rieslings from BC.  Most vintners can’t ship to the US, and now that we have to worry about LIQUIDS ON A PLANE OMG!!!!!1!!one, I can’t bring any down with me. Sumac Ridge Gewurtz is my favourite, followed very closely by Gray Monk’s version.  They cost a bit more than their American cousins, but oh, are they ever worth it.

These are my two favorites, but these days I’m finding myself asking for Pinot Gris more and more. So fresh and so clean.

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