I once sang a song (or should I say, it once sang me)

Lately? I've been singing. Why? Because it feels good. I don't mean in the car at the top of my lungs on the way home from work. I've gotten a lot more mileage and less grief out of covering others' works. Today I had Madonna's "Borderline" on my mind, so I sat at the kitchen table and ran through it, with a little help from my friends.

I had a couple of Prism Cafe gigs in June. On some (bash)foolishness, I didn't tell anybody about the first one. Gwen and Chad came to the second one, and Gwen took pictures of me.

Going to CampCamp! last month in Tahoe meant acoustikaraoke with Eric (who hit WordCamp up) and Brendon. Man, those cats can play and sing. It was file-sharing without a network, shuffling songs out of our temporarily unprostheticized memories and beaming them to one another's ears via vocal cords and acoustic guitars.

If you're not busy at the end of the month, come down to hear me sing at Prism Cafe. You already know some of what I listen to, so any suggestions other than silence are welcome.

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  1. Always wished I had done somthing more with my singing. Glad to see you following your heart. Gigs and everything. Very, very cool.

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