QotD: Baby Love

How cute were you as a baby/child? Let's see those baby pics!

A. holds a picture of my brothers and I
My brothers and I

A. and I visited L. at his place about four years ago. In the picture, I'm on the left, E. is in the center and L. is on the right.

Judging by the patterns in my plaid pants, E.'s turtleneck and L.'s overalls (and my own hazy memory), this was probably taken at a Sears or Montgomery Ward's in Montgomery County, Maryland, in 1977 or 1978.

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Gotta love the late 70’s plaid. The best man at my uncle’s wedding wore pastel pink, green, blue and yellow plaid pants….Fashion was a disaster in the 70s. Let’s not even talk about bell bottoms / flared pants…

You’re adorable George but if Jason posts that picture of him with the hair for days he’s definitely going to win this contest.

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