Gori Ek is dead. Long live Gori Do!

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  • Ms. Jen says:

    Did your new laptop die on you? Or someone elses?

    My six month old PowerBook has been having *issues*. It likes to randoming make it’s screen black, of which I have to reboot or put it to sleep to get it to come back. Grrr… I will be visiting the applestore in Oct. to figure out if the wires to the screen are gimpy.

    It was very good to see you this last weekend. I hope you have a lovely rest of the summer. ;o)

  • allaboutgeorge says:

    The hard drive on my MacBook, Gori (aka Gori Ek), died in late June, five weeks after I bought it from the Apple Store in Emeryville, CA. I had AppleCare, so I took Gori Ek into the Apple Store in Walnut Creek. It took a week or so to ship a replacement hard drive. When it came, they put it into Gori Ek. About a week ago, Gori Ek started crashing at random. The Apple Store’s Genius Bar expert thought it might be the logic board. They took Gori Ek back, gave me the hard drive and placed it into a new MacBook, Gori Do.

    Aside: “Gori,” “ek” and “do” are Hindi for “fair-skinned,” “one” and “two.”

  • jaschu says:

    Ha! My current laptop is Divali, and the iPod is Gayatri (the previous one: Sarasvati). We have similar naming schemes!

  • allaboutgeorge says:

    Oh, Jen, Jen, Jen. Likewise. 🙂

    Divali is “festival of light,” fitting for your laptop, Jason. Gayatri, that’s not just a mantra, then. Sarasvati is another great name.

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