QotD: Shaken not stirred

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What's your favorite drink or cocktail? What's in it?
Question submitted by charm.vox.com

Vodka and Red Bull was my good friend in Austin, Texas, for most of March. I'm not averse to a Jack and Coke.

I've been drinking ambers lately, but I like my Guinness.

I'm still stuck on late-harvest rieslings.

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  • The Erika Hall says:

    Are you familiar with the late-harvest riesling from Navarro.

    tasty – and they are nice folks.

    If you don’t fear the pink, try a vodka and Tab Energy!

  • Brian says:

    I tried Red Bull w/o the vodka several years after I started drinking RBs + vodka. Blecch!

  • Vasta says:

    You really can’t go wrong with a Jack and Coke.

  • michelle says:

    After Aaron passed I went out one night and drank vodka and red bull in honor of him. It was the most disgusting thing I could imagine.

  • pswansen says:

    Single Malt Scotch, Craft Beers, Irish Whiskey.

  • elisabeth says:

    after this weekend, I’ve got a new favorite- a gimlet. I’d never heard of it nor had one, but now Kettle One vodka and lime juice is gonna be my summer steady!

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