What was your first concert?

Summer of '92! Arrested Development at the old 9:30 Club. Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy opened. It was dark and smoky and jostly. I'm going to say I probably drank ginger ale or some kind of soda, because I can't remember whether I had turned 21 yet. I was close enough to scream myself hoarse hollering lyrics back at the stage, but not to get hit by sparks when Rono Tse fired up the machinery.

5 Replies to “What was your first concert?”

  1. There’s a concert stub sitting in a box somewhere at my mom’s in Silver Spring.

    Condos. *shakes head*

  2. My concert stub is taped to my the wall of my old room, along with a DHoH poster, in Fairfax, Va.

  3. Condos? Really? Crap. So many shows. I’ve forgotten more than I can remember… I’ve never seen Franti myself, but I definitely remember TV Drug of the Nation defining a good portion of that year…

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