Why I spend Wednesdays offline.

Because it helps to occasionally put my computer down if you’re going to go donate clothes at Goodwill. Or go take your rusty, trusty beater-bike on its last ride before you give it away. Or see a movie matinee. Or browse lenses at a camera shop. And because spending as much of my free time on my computer is a poor substitute for spending my work time on someone’s else computer.

My right eye is healing. Every third week of December, like clockwork, sties erupt on one lid or along a lash. They heal by the first week of January. A garden-variety heathen like me tries to give gifts year-round so as to omit fussing about Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah, and works the holidays for the explicit pleasure of smaller-than-usual papers and extra holiday pay. What else to peg it on, really?

Been eating well. Haven’t exercised as often as I’d like to. Don’t want to exercise-exercise anyway. Just hop on the bike, go along some trails, take pictures, come back. Make it more of a field trip, fodder for the brain rather than rote pumping-and-pedaling.

Oh, this account’s paid now. Call it a vote of confidence in the new management.

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been thinking about the new management. may actually pay for my account as well.

by the by, may i jump on your friendship train, kind sir? *looks at george’s friends list*

it takes george forever to add people. i want to be the president of his fan club, cause he is such a rockstar.

and yeah, i’m going to pay for my membership too.

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