Monthly Archives: January 2005

Don’t pay any mind to me

I should know better than to harsh about fam. I guess all I really needed was to be in the loop. Suddenly all of my big-sibling chi has been inhaled, acupuncturized and activated. Who needs a hug?


She called Thursday evening to share the news that she’s been in the Bay Area, staying over at her aunt’s house, for damn near the last three weeks. Her phone’s disappearance around Christmas (and the delay in realizing that her other sister actually keeps reasonably updated phone numbers) kept her from calling us in a […]

Tea and sympathy

Good? 20 ounces of Earl Grey, as well as soba noodles, seitan chicken strips and boy choy from home. Bad? The weather, in all its forms. Ugly? Four co-workers out sick, two with the day off after earlier shift switches and one using a vacation day to brave the snowy mountains to our east. But […]