MLK Jr. Boulevard, Newark, N.J., Sept. 15, 2001

Miami Herald, Audra D.S. Burch, “‘The main streets of black America’: Blacks find pride in streets named after King”

N.Y. Times, Jane Gross, “Studying Race, Privilege and Intellectual Levels”

Orlando Sentinel, Kelly Brewington and Stephanie Erickson, “Historic black towns struggle to survive” (with picture gallery)

Raleigh News & Observer, Vicki Lee Parker, “Beyond black and white”

Guardian UK, Hannah Pool, “The new black”

The Town Talk (Alexandria, La.), Eugene Southerland, “Interracial marriages”


Observer UK, Emily Yoffe, “Bridge of Sighs”

[…] Twenty-one years ago, Air Florida Flight 90, on its way from Washington National Airport to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, crashed seconds after takeoff, its wings frosted with snow and ice. As the Boeing 737 hit the 14th Street Bridge, it sheared the tops off cars stuck in a traffic jam caused by the storm. On the plane, 74 people died, including three babies; and four people were killed in their cars. There were only five survivors. Television crews filmed them as they waited almost half an hour in the ice-filled water to be rescued, hanging on to debris from the plane. A young office assistant for a government agency, Lenny Skutnik, briefly became famous when he dived into the river and, on national television, saved a woman who was about to drown. […]

At age 10 and a half, this was hugely frightening. I’d flown on a plane twice before. The first time was to Florida, most likely Walt Disney World. We must have flown down from Washington on Eastern Airlines. I remember coming back with a toy Eastern plane. All that stuck with me was the then-impending Epcot center, which I might have confused with a trip later that year when my family wound up going to see the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee, with its geodesic-sphere-topped building that, I thought, was What The Future Is Going To Be Like.


Aaron 8Legs’ Grandma Duck is no longer in any pain. Godspeed and Ashé, ashé, ashé.

Bad Subjects, Elizabeth Hurst, “Speaking My Conscience” (via wood s lot)

WampumBlog notices the Washington Times’ “Fighting Whites inspire imitators” as well as a little vaccine manufacturer accountability.

Jason Toney’s written his first article for Vibe.

Ralph Nader will guest-host on Monday’s CNN “Crossfire”? Can’t wait!

Guardian UK, Estelle Addley, “Faking It”

[…] “All I know from the men I’ve ever spoken to is that they like girls to have an arse on them,” she tells GQ, “so why is it that women think that in order to be adored they have to be thin? Very thin?” […]

sigh Now is the Winslet of my digital discontent.

In between episodes of running into A., Joe Pennant got to check out the People’s Republic of Berkeley’s civic proceedings.

I owe Adrienne many thanks for lacing me recently with largesse.

I have a feeling I’m going to want to PayPal a few sawbucks to Cory Doctorow after I finish “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.”

Jacked from Cheek: the Global Consciousness Project.

Freaky Trigger Christmas Joke. You’ll laugh ’til all is quiet on New Year’s Day.

Posts (via Intervention Magazine), Frederick Sweet, “Green Party ‘Terrorists'” (via David Grenier)

[…] At one point during his interrogation, Stuber asked if they really believed the Greens were equal to al Qaeda. Then they showed him a Justice Department document that actually shows the Greens as likely terrorists � just as likely as al Qaeda members. […]


Washington Post, Adam Bernstein, “Mamie Till-Mobley; Civil Rights Figure” and Donna Britt, “One Woman’s Unending Pain; Another’s Silence” and Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts Jr., “Open casket opened eyes”