Sacramento Bee, Diana Griego Erwin, “Shaq’s ‘apology’ for racist barb at NBA foe Yao doesn’t measure up”

[…] O’Neal also taunted Irwin Tang, the author of the Asian Week piece that called O’Neal out, saying Tang was a person who “just doesn’t have a sense of humor, like I do.”

A typical defensive tack. What is he really saying here? That mocking Chinese people is funny and the rest of us just don’t get it? […]

[…] According to the Los Angeles Times, O’Neal sat in the locker room after Friday’s game with a recorder pressed to his ear, saying “toy-inchee” over and over. “Chinese for ‘I’m sorry,’ for when I see Yao Ming,” he told reporters. Laugh it up, O’Neal.

Unfortunately, “toy-inchee” is a Cantonese apology. Ming speaks Mandarin.

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