N.Y. Times, Guy Trebay, “Bring On the Clowns: Goofy Today, In Stores Tomorrow”

[…] the distinction between clothes produced for the runways and those designed for the tanbark is no longer sharp. It is not merely a matter of fashion don’ts becoming must-haves, of consumers being encouraged to flout the conventions that once forbade wearing plaids with stripes. Rather it is that markers of minority, and often outsider, cultures (drag queens, performance artists, clowns) have been taken up by fashion, which has carried them to the mainstream. A half-century ago dreadlocks would never have been encountered outside a sideshow tent or the hills of Jamaica. These days you would be hard pressed to avoid them on a college campus or, for that matter, on catwalks in New York and Milan. […]

Note to Trebay: Go buy a copy of Outkast’s “The Whole World” and Common’s “Electric Circus,” and don’t mock the ‘locks.

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