CitySearch Live Daily, Colin Devenish, “Joe Strummer”

[…] Do you ever feel like you’re in competition with your past?

Not really, because it’s so long ago. The past is past. I always feel to live in the present. Blank piece of paper is always the same. You’ve got to fill the blank piece of paper. It’s crazy.

You’ve got to face up to your past. It can feel like a millstone in that situation, but mainly, I feel proud about it. It’s a good spur to try and top that. I don’t really dwell upon it. You can’t throw yourself off too much. It’s great to live in the moment and not think too much about the past. It can really drag you down. I would say the past is like treacle. It can get stuck on your feet if you go back. Can’t get in and out that easy. Dylan said, “Don’t look back.”

Washington Post, Desson Howe, “The Prefect Who Rocked My World”

[…] I suddenly remember that he once wore a T-shirt with a heart on it. It said: “In case of emergency, tear out.” I never imagined how much it would hurt to think of that now.” […]

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