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At the Guardian, John Aglionby’s “Articles of war” points out something that nagged at my mind when I first read about the feds’ “We love Muslim people” push.

[….] In his opening remarks at the magazine’s launch, the American ambassador to Indonesia, Ralph Boyce, said the publication was aimed at promoting mutual understanding and correcting misperceptions about America.

“I hope you will remember that the images you see [on film and television] are filtered through the need to entertain and stimulate and make a profit,” he said. “The world they depict is often as unrealistic as the special effects used to create it.”

Fair enough, but “Muslim life in America” also seems to do its fair share of filtering in order to present the desired image of Muslims’ life being predominantly wholesome family fare. For example there is no mention or photos of arguably four of America’s most famous Muslims, namely Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan – the leader of the Nation of Islam – Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Its credibility certainly suffers as a result of such omissions and suspicions mount as to the true intentions of the book. […]

Too problematic, probably. Why educate, when it’s simpler just to filter?

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