Monthly Archives: August 2001

Changing hosts: … I’m doing it, so I may slow down a little bit on the posting-every-day pace for the next week. But what do you guys care, anyway? You’re moving into dorm rooms, driving to Burning Man, making plans for the long Labor Day weekend or just laying low, aren’t you? In case you […]

Mondo Grosso: … Ernie, weren’t you listening to this a couple of weeks ago? But I shouldn’t care because above all, MG4 is a statement about the aspirations of the person who buys this disc. Such a person will watch “Sex and the City” to verify which shoe boutiques are currently en vogue. Such a […]

Keba Konte: … I got a copy of one of his prints at a fair in Berkeley a year ago. It depicts a little boy leaping over a graveyard, and it’s on our kitchen wall.

Aaliyah: … A June interview from

Canadian Ham: … or rather, a Maclean’s article about a brother from another planet country. (via Cecily)

Korla Pandit: … He was on my mind ’cause of a Sylvia Chan article about Asian influences in hip-hop that mentions him. I had no idea Pandit was really black, not Indian.

Saul Williams on Macy Gray: … excerpted from the September 2001 issue of Interview magazine. SW: You seem to focus a lot on self-expression and exploring your taboos on the album. Are you OK with discussing some taboo issues?MG: Of course.SW: Do drugs play a role in your creative life?MG: There are a few songs […]