Monthly Archives: August 2001

East/West: … link to the new site and marvel at the cleverness of Philo, the puppetmaster.

Fuck the police!: … That’s a criticism, not a crime. Let a thousand expletives bloom! (via my wife, sitting on the couch next to me and reading the Chronicle)

Other parties heard from: … ZDNet’s David Coursey uncorks a fine whine of an extremely recent vintage, as does the San Jose Mercury News’ Dan Lee. I’ll have what they’re having. A note from a fellow subscriber this afternoon did make me aware that the service was still up and running. As I post this, […]

Hey (wo)man, nice shot: … The Chronicle’s Christina Koci Hernandez took some cool weekend clubbing pictures in Oakland.

Note to self: … skim Steve Sailer’s old National Review piece “Is Love Colorblind?” to separate the smack-talking from the serviceable data. LET’S review other facts about intermarriage and how they violate conventional sociological theories. 1. You would normally expect more black women than black men to marry whites because far more black women are […]

You’re just a wave, you’re not the water: … I’ve never heard any Jimmie Dale Gilmore, but he’s on my mind ’cause his song title went floating through my head as I read fellow lemonyellow fan Mitsu’s Aug. 7th post about observation of the body’s processes (and playing pinball). We tend to think that what […]

Dial “D” for dissolution of partnership: … “There are elements of doubt in a divorce that is conducted through SMS in that one cannot be sure of the sender’s identity, nor of his intention … Only a judge can confirm a divorce after deciding that there is merit in the complaint filed by the couple […]